About the artist                                        

Eleanor Yong is an Electronic and Computer Engineering student at a UK University. She likes to draw in her spare time (which is rarely since she is an engineering student) and likes to share these with friends, family and now you! 

"I'm primarily a science nerd, I love everything artsy and I definitely see myself as an art student set in a scientific environment. Solving logical problems through creative thought is my super power. "

She uses art as a medium to show her day to day life as a female engineer working in a predominantly male industry and hopes to bring more awareness around the need to normalise gender equality and promote both Art and Science.

You can find her social media presence on Facebook under "Tired Engineer in Training", a cartoon which she bases on her life.

Tired Engineer in Training

Also alumni of Outbox Incubator run by Stemettes, one of the "Fab Five" to be awarded a trip to Phoenix, Arizona in 2014 to attend the Grace Hopper Conference and as interviewed on the BBC for the introduction of Computer Science into the national curriculum.

Brief Introduction
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