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A-level Exhibitions

Developing her style, in these years the technique and study of her work gets more meaningful. Deconstructing the ideas of Natural Placement vs Purposeful Positioning, Eleanor studies for her final year contextual art thesis, "The Significance of Object and Placement" by delving into 5 very specific artists across the years spanning from the baroque period to contemporary times. 

Women in Engineering Society (WES)

Eleanor is a member of the Women in Engineering Society and since August 2017 has had her work published in the monthly e-newsletters as part of an "artists corner" to promote the creativeness of female engineers. You can see the newsletters by subscribing to WES newsletters in the link below:

Women's Engineering Society homepage

University of York Mental Health Awareness Week 2016

 Hargreaves Lansdown internal magazine

University of York Scott Award 2020

GCSE Exhibitions

During these years the experimental focus of multimedia was a key pillar of learning. She experimented with stipple and flat headed brushes along with broad strokes of acrylic and splattering paint, gaining influence from artists like Kurt Jackson. 

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